Meals of Mercy
Contact Peggy Rath for more info

What is Meals of Mercy Ministry?
We are a group of volunteers who provide meals to church and community members in times of need.

How does it work?
The meals ministry coordinator is made aware of a need. Volunteers are contacted and asked to provide a meal, either home cooked or purchased, and deliver it. If you have a need that the Meals of Mercy Ministry is able to meet, after a life event such as a hospitalization, injury, loss of a loved one or birth of a new family member, please contact Peggy Rath at or 425-213-4127

How do we serve?
It depends on the need. If the need is great, we provide meals every other night for up to two weeks. Sometimes we will provide more, sometimes less, depending on the need.

What are the guidelines?
We provide a complete meal and deliver it to the recipient. The meal can be store bought, homemade, frozen, or just about anything! The meal is not going to be fancy or gourmet. We try to accommodate allergies and food preferences when possible.

How can I help?
The Meals of Mercy Ministry is an excellent way to serve others, share our love of God and make a difference in someone's life. The purpose is to help someone in need by providing a ready-made meal. ​For more information, contact Peggy Rath at