Church Spring Cleaning
Mar 25

This year, in preparation for Easter, St. John will have Spring cleaning on Saturday March 25th, beginning at 9am.

Please sign up on the bulletin board so lunch can be planned accordingly.  All cleaning chemicals and materials will be provided.  However, the more vacuums, buckets, mops, and hand vacuums that we have will make the job so much faster.  If you do bring something from home, please make sure your name is on it so that we can ensure everyone leaves with all their equipment.

Weather permitting, the flower beds will be trimmed and cleaned, and the windows washed from the outside.  Inside, the focus will be on the Sanctuary and Fellowship Halls.  Windows will be washed and dusted.  Pews will be polished.  If there are a few willing to climb tall ladders, we will be dusting the fans and lights in both rooms.

Please come join us as we strive to make the church sparkle, just in time for our Easter celebration! Many hands make light work!